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Yvette Heritage

Yvette Heritage

Managing Director / Principal Geotechnical Engineer

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Yvette Heritage joined SCT in 2005 and moved into the role of Managing Director in 2022. Yvette leads SCT's team to be empowered and passionate about problem solving and finding solutions for our clients. 

Yvette provides geotechnical and hydrogeological mining solutions, specialising in underground coal. Yvette’s areas of work range from feasibility studies to operational design assessments and Yvette is experienced in both underground and surface mine environments. 

Yvette is also involved in industry funded ACARP research projects to improve industry understanding of key geotechnical issues within the Australian coal industry. 

Yvette's key skills include: 

  • Site geotechnical, geological and hydrological investigations
  • Mine site geotechnical engineer (RPEQ, MAusIMM (CP))
  • Numerical modelling of rock failure for roadways, longwall caving and complex excavations 
  • Roadway support design
  • Longwall support and caving assessments
  • Geotechnical input into mine design (pillar design, mine layout, conditions/hazard assessments, serviceability etc.)
  • Underground support design and monitoring 
  • Underground and surface geotechnical and geological assessments 
  • Subsidence predictions and impacts assessments 
  • Hydrogeological assessments including overburden conductivity and connectivity
  • Gas connectivity and conductivity to working seams

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