SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

Gift Makusha

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

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Gift Makusha is an experienced mining engineer with over 30 years of practical experience in mining and geotechnical engineering. He has worked in various underground and open-cut mining operations, focusing on metals and coal. From his early roles as a graduate trainee at Anglo American's Rustenburg Platinum mines to his more later positions at AngloGold and Anglocoal, Gift has developed a deep understanding of mining practices in different settings.


Having started as a mining engineering trainee at Anglo American's Rustenburg Platinum mines in 1993, Gift has steadily progressed through the ranks to senior positions such as Rock Mechanics Engineer, geotechnical Engineering manager and later as Principal Geotechnical Engineer responsible for the opencut operations at Anglo American Metallurgical coal.


His notable achievements include implementing innovative geotechnical solutions like rock stability radars, ground penetration radar, in-situ stress measurements, and thin spray-on liners to enhance slope monitoring and strata control management.


In his most recent role as Regional Geotechnical Manager for AngloAmerican steelmaking coal and projects, Gift oversaw both open-cut and underground operations, ensuring compliance with governance policies, operational standards, and best practices in geotechnical engineering, with a strong focus on driving operational excellence and risk management, contributing to the safe and efficient mining operations and projects.


Demonstrated competencies and skills:

  • Operational Geotechnical engineering, including design of pillar and ground support systems.
  • Proven track record in establishing robust operating standards, systems, and processes.
  • Experienced in reviewing and enhancing Geotechnical principal hazard management plans, operational management standards, and investigations to align with best practices.
  • Skilled in conducting Independent and Competent Person audits, reviews, and detailed reporting.
  • Proficient in developing comprehensive ground monitoring strategies utilizing advanced technologies such as slope stability radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and telltales for hazard identification and deformation monitoring.
  • Knowledgeable in subsurface deformation monitoring using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and application of piezometers for groundwater level/pressure measurement and monitoring.
  • Specialized in reviewing and optimizing geotechnical designs for critical slopes, pillar, and support systems of underground excavations.
  • Significant involvement in evaluating Feasibility stage gates of greenfield projects and conducting rigorous 3rd party operational geotechnical reviews at multiple mine sites.
  • Skilled in scoping, motivating, and leading Geotechnical improvement initiatives to drive operational excellence.
  • Experienced in reviewing and approving findings and recommendations from incident investigations, ensuring lessons learned are effectively addressed across the organization.
  • Expertise in Geotechnical risk management, in-depth risk assessments, and accident and incident investigations to promote a culture of safety and continuous improvement.
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