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Adrian Rippon

Adrian Rippon

Director / Principal Geotechnical Engineer

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Adrian joined SCT in December 2008 after working as a project geologist in both open cut and underground metalliferous mines in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Supplementary to experience gained on a wide range of geotechnical projects at SCT, the completion of an engineering master’s degree at UNSW furthered Adrian’s expertise in mine geomechanics leading to the appointment of Senior Geotechnical Engineer at SCT in 2016.  

During his time at SCT, Adrian has maintained a strong focus on the development and implementation of geotechnical instrumentation and has undertaken extensive monitoring campaigns to understand complex geotechnical issues. Along with instrumentation and a continued interest in roadway reinforcement and support systems, Adrian skills includes:

  • Geological and Geotechnical data acquisition and analysis for the purpose of site wide geotechnical characterisation, feasibility studies and operational design assessments.
  • Campaign and routine underground monitoring using instrumented bolts, sonic probe extensometers, GEL extensometers, conventional shear strips, MEMs Shear strips, load cells, optic fibre pressure transducers, overcore stress measurement, stress monitoring and tell tales.
  • Collaboration on industry funded Australian Coal Industry’s Research Programs (ACARP)
  • Monitoring the growth and orientation of large-scale hydraulic fracturing using 3D stress monitoring instrumentation, temperature probe monitoring, Inclinometer analysis and surface to in seam extensometers for the purpose of pre-treatment of overburden strata for windblast and cyclic weighting potential
  • Installation and analysis of 3D stress cells for the purpose of measuring pillar loading, ground deformation and stress re-distribution about Longwall Panels.
  • Subsidence investigations and analysis for end of panel reporting.
  • Longwall support convergence monitoring through the development of analysis software to interpret tilt meter data on Longwall supports as well as LVA data analysis.
  • Geotechnical monitoring and subsequent protection of surface infrastructure and natural geological features.
  • Cross measure gas drainage optimisation through down hole optic fibre pressure sensor arrays.
  • Design, implementation and analysis of pore pressure monitoring systems
  • Coal burst and outburst investigations through targeted underground campaigns using in house designed pressure monitoring techniques and modified well testing systems.
  • Underground support design and monitoring
  • Mine site Geotechnical Engineering roles
  • Coordination of exploration geologists, project management, KPI deliverables to client and geological reporting.
  • Implementation and analysis of hydrogeological well testing
  • Delivering training packages on geotechnical monitoring techniques including correct installation and site audits / inspections.



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