SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

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SCT has conducted large scale rock bolting and mine design projects globally since the late 1980’s. We have assisted with the introduction of rock bolting into the UK, Japan, China, Mexico and New Zealand. We provide a first principles approach to the assessment of reinforcement design including laboratory testing of bolt and grout interaction through to detailed field measurement of reinforcement and rockmass response.

We work closely with major OEM’s to optimise mining and tunnelling equipment to manage strata control hazards during excavation, reinforcement placement and through the project lifecycle.

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Our specialist team can assist with:

  • Transitioning from steel sets to rockbolting
  • Developing a framework for the safe introduction of continuous miners and rockbolting
  • Assessment and design of bolting consumables
  • Assessment and design of mining/bolting equipment specific to your project site
  • Development and delivery of Workforce and Technical training programs
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