SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

Computer modelling provides a method of assessing the behaviour of longwall supports and the interaction between the supports and the strata. The computer modelling simulates the dynamic behaviour of the supports and strata during longwall retreat. Longwall canopy modelling provides outputs for single and multi-seam extraction in areas of:

  • Mining induced fracture network
  • Longwall support geometry/specifications
  • Tip to face
  • Canopy ratio
  • Stress redistribution
  • Face conditions
  • Pore pressure
  • Multi-seam interaction
  • Cyclic caving behaviour
  • Goaf override potential
  • Longwall weighting potential

Computer modelling provides a tool to parametrically assess longwall support specifications including canopy ratio, leg set and yield pressure, leg position and leg angle. The longwall canopy assessment provides a site specific assessment of the support behaviour for the stratigraphy and lithology specific to the mine.

Results from longwall canopy assessments models provide longwall support design recommendations for feasibility studies and assess face management strategies in operational mine investigations.

For operational mine investigations monitoring of support behaviour is recommended and often consists of convergence monitoring and assessment of LVA data. A holistic approach of field measurement and modelling is SCTs approach for operational mine assessments.

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